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Regulation of protein transport processes into peroxisomes by kinases

PhD position in the Department of Functional Proteomics and Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology, in the Warscheid laboratory Starting date: July 1st, 2016

Peroxisomes harbour approximately 50 different enzymes to fulfill various metabolic functions. The biogenesis of peroxisomes involves transport of matrix proteins across the peroxisomal membrane. This process requires the concerted action of a subcellular machinery composed of numerous peroxisomal proteins, the so-called peroxins. Failure in the biogenesis of peroxisomes or deficiency in the function of single peroxisomal proteins leads to severe genetic diseases in humans. To date, the key players and basic principles of peroxisomal protein import are known, but key regulatory mechanisms underlying these processes have so far remained largely elusive. We have put the spot-light on reversible protein phosphorylation for the control of peroxisomal protein import and identified several peroxins as specific targets of cytosolic kinases. In the PhD project, kinase-mediated signaling events and their functional implications for the regulation of peroxisomal protein import in yeast and human cells will be studied. This cutting-edge research project offers the unique possibility to employ latest technologies in proteomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular and cell biology including high-resolution mass spectrometry (MS), high-performance liquid chromatography (LC), fluorescence microscopy, genome editing, protein import assays, protein phosphorylation, protein-protein interaction and kinase signaling analysis. We offer an excellent scientific environment with well-equipped laboratories including state-of-the-art LC/MS instrumentation (UHPLC/Orbitrap systems) and provide a supportive and encouraging working atmosphere in our interdisciplinary research team. We are looking for a new, highly talented, creative and motivated team member, preferably with experience in protein biochemistry, signaling research or cell biology.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Bettina Warscheid.

Applications should be sent to rtg2202@bio.chemie.uni-freiburg.de

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