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Structural model of the peroxisomal docking complex

Our paper on the peroxisomal receptor docking complex is online! In collaboration with the Gatsogiannis lab at MPI Dortmund and the Erdmann lab from Ruhr University in Bochum using an integrative approach we were able to derive the first structural model of the challenging peroxisomal docking complex Pex14/Pex17.

Structural model of the peroxisomal docking complex

Cryo-electron microscopy image of the docking complex (left) and structural model of its subunits (right). Images: Pascal Lill

Daniel Wendscheck and coworkers used native mass spectrometry (MS) and crosslinking MS to analyse the composition, topology and sites of interaction of this highly dynamic protein machinery. It was fascinating to see how these parts of the puzzle came together with the biochemical characterisation by Tobias Hansen in the Bochum group and the cryo-electron microscopy work after reconstitution into nanodisc membranes done by Pascal Lill at MPI in Dortmund.


Read the Press Release University of Freiburg

Original publication:

Lill P, Hansen T, Wendscheck D, Klink, BU, Jeziorek T, Vismpas D, Miehling J, Bender J, Schummer A, Drepper F, Girzalsky W, Warscheid B, Erdmann, R, Gatsogiannis C (2020):
Towards the molecular architecture of the peroxisomal receptor docking complex.

Check out the paper in PNAS:


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