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Welcome to the group of Biochemistry and Functional Proteomics / Warscheid Lab at University of Freiburg.

We are a research group based in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Freiburg. We are interested in the biogenesis of the proteome of mitochondria and peroxisomes and the integration of these vital organelles into larger signaling networks in yeast and human cells. Knowledge on how dysfunctional organelles communicate with other cellular components can help to elucidate their functions in health and disease.

In a complementary line of research, we are systematically studying protein kinase- and protein phosphatase-dependent signalling networks in mammalian cells to decode intricate substrate-kinase/-phosphatase relationships on a system-wide level. We are here in particular interested in signalling processes involved in mechanical stress protection.

To characterize these dynamic organellar and signalling systems in a cellular context, we combine advanced mass spectrometry techniques with integrative proteomics approaches that also allow for specifically addressing cross-scaling biological questions.


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